Fixed Fee Arrangements

legal contract document image     We provide legal services to our clients on a flexible basis.  For some clients, we serve as general counsel and review all legal matters involving the client.  For other clients, we provide services only as requested and as needed.

     We pride ourselves on working collaboratively and cooperatively with our clients, other counsel, non-legal advisors, and consultants.  In addition to offering standard hourly fee arrangements, we offer flexible fee arrangements, including monthly fixed fee arrangements for a defined scope of legal services, based on the client’s needs.

     Our fixed fee arrangements are very popular with our clients.  We will design each fixed fee arrangement for a client to include a specific set of services that work best for that client.  There are many advantages to a fixed fee arrangement:

  • Budgeting Certainty:  Budget more easily for routine legal expenses and have certainty as to legal costs for routine matters.
  • More Time to Focus on Business:  Shift legal work away from managers and administrators, who will then have more time to focus on the business of overseeing and running the business.
  • Reduce Legal Risks: Reduce legal risks to a client by shifting legal work away from non-lawyer staff to lawyers, who are more competent to handle the work, and to identify and promptly address legal issues.
  • Unlimited Access:  Pick up the telephone and call (or email) a K&G lawyer without automatically thinking, “What will this call cost?”  Eliminating a cost-driven deterrent to calling K&G lawyers when issues arise will provide obvious risk management advantages.  There are no restrictions as to whom at K&G you can call.  You can call the most senior or the most junior K&G attorney.  If follow-up is needed after the call or email, we will want to be sure the matter is assigned to the right person – an attorney who has experience with the issue and can handle it most expeditiously.
  • “In-House Counsel” Effect:  Effectively have readily accessible “in-house counsel,” without having to pay the compensation, benefits, and overhead expenses for an in-house counsel.
  • Fee Predictability:  With fee predictability, focus on what you are doing versus what the lawyers are doing.
  • Legal Bills:  Spend less time reviewing legal bills since all attorney calls and time spent providing routine legal services are incorporated into the fixed fee.
  • Annual Review:  Review and adjust annually the amount of the fixed fee vis-à-vis actual legal services rendered, assuring ongoing fairness in the amount of the fee.
  • Aligning Interests:  Experience further alignment of your interests and those of K&G lawyers, and cultivate communicative, collaborative working relationships with us, as both parties strive to handle legal issues in the most expeditious and competent way.

In addition to our fixed fee arrangements, we also will entertain the following fee scenarios:

i)      blended fee arrangements

ii)     a tiered fixed fee arrangement

iii)    contingency fee arrangements


     In addition to our full service fixed fee arrangements, we also offer customized fixed fee packages.  These packages are more specialized in nature whereby we offer a more specific package of services for a fixed fee.  Examples of these packages are:

  • Contract Review & Drafting
  • Policy Review & Drafting’
  • HIPAA Training
  • Corporate & Medical Staff Bylaws Review & Drafting